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AeroFulcrum, Inc

Management has been servicing operators since 2001.
AeroFulcrum, Inc. maintains a technical library for legacy aircraft,
enabling us to solve most client requirements.
All material is traceable to OEM/PMA, operators or 145 repair stations.
Logo - AeroFulcrum, Inc. - aerofulcrum.com

AeroFulcrum, Inc.

Is a progressive company that provides large variety of services to airlines and repair stations in the aviation industry. AFI's customer base includes customers worldwide.

Our management team consists of highly trained professionals who have been working in the aviation industry for over 25 years, accumulating expertise, and constantly demonstrating dedication and passion for their work.

Being an international supplier, we communicate in two different languages - offering all customers around the globe the ability to express their needs in their native tongue. (English, Spanish)

AeroFulcrum, Inc, is one of the most dynamic resource center in supplying parts to the aftermarket spares support industry, and we fully understand that our daily business meets a critical need in the immediate supply of required materials for the maintenance of your fleet.
AeroFulcrum, Inc assures prompt service, timely delivery and competitive prices with all the necessary documentation required by FAA. When an airline purchases inventory from us, the following documents are provided:

  • FAA 8130, EASA form 1 or dual tags
  • Repair center tear down report
  • Complete traceability documentation
  • Relevant warranty information
  • Non-incident related certificate
  • Certificate of conformity
  • Any other form of documentation required by FAA or OEM (manufacturer)
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We hope that by introducing our company, we can open doors to a good and long standing relationship in the future.
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